2022-2023: Visual Development on WannaBe's at Splash Entertainment

2022: Background Painter on Woody Woodpecker at Splash Entertainment

2018-2021: Art Director and Visual Development at Dole Animation Europe

2016-2017: Background Painter on Wacky Races at Warner Bros. Animation

2014-2015: Background Painter on Wabbit Series at Warner Bros. Animation

2014: Background Painter on Spongebob Feature Movie 2 for Paramount Pictures

2014: Color Supervisor and Painter on Rabbits Run DVD at Warner Bros. Animation

2011-2013: Color Supervisor and Background painter on Bob's Burger at Bento Box Entertainment for Fox Channel

2009-2011: Pilot Development, Design and Color Supervisor, Set painter on Robot and Monster CG project at Nickelodeon studios

2009: Art directing and BG painting on Peanuts DVD "Everybody Needs a Blanket" for ABC family channel

2009: Background Painting, Looney Tunes Classics -AT&T Commercial, WBA

2008-2009: Background design, Super Hero Squad -Starz Media

2008:Development, Art Directing, design and painting - Cranberry Christmas DVD for ABC Family Channel

2008: Background painting for Batman: The Brave and the Bold - WBA

2008: Painting for Commercials - Ferrero International, AT&T and more

2008: Background painting on Scooby Doo and the Magic Castle DVD -WBA

2008: Design and panting for My Little Pony DVD-SD Entertainment

2007:  Background painting, character, and prop color supervisor on BUFU - Animax Interactive LLC for Film Roman and BET

2007: Background painting supervisor, establishing color style on  Scooby Doo and the Goblin King DVD at Warner Bros.

2007: Background Painting on Turok -The Son of Stone DVD at Starz Entertainment 

2007: Development Illustration Paintings for ThinkWell Design Theme Park

2006: Art Director on They Came from Outer Space DVD - Dole Company

2006: Development for Hannibal DVD- Black Entertainment TV

2006: Development for TV series Lolo’s Café - Film Roman

2006: Developmentand Color Supervisor on  Boondocks - Sony Entertainment

2006: Development and Background Supervisor on Firehouse Tales - Warner Brothers Animation Studios

2004-2008: Visual development, production design and color for animated commercials at WBA: Ferrero Inc, Dole Company, Big Bug Man, Conan Red Nails, BET

Other projects include:

Direct to DVDs for Warner Bros. Animation: Superman, Kangaroo Jack, Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase, Scooby Doo and the Goblin King,

TV Series: Batman, The Zeta Project, Ozzy and Drix, Static Shock, Lunatics Unleashed, and Baby Looney Toons at WBA. Other series for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Sony Animation, Independent Studios

Feature Animation Films: Visual development and pre-production color for backgrounds, characters, props and effects for Planet Ice/Titan AE -Fox Animation, Big Bug Man - Independent Studios, Conan Red Nails- Swordplay Studio.

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